Running an eCommerce Consultancy requires a lot of processes. From design & development, to testing & launch, and a whole lot more in between. Launching a website that your clients will love requires all-star level talent at every step in the process. Aztech uses Tether to collaborate internally and with their clients for user acceptance testing (UAT), bug reporting, and website feedback throughout the whole process.

The Challenge: Provide clients with an effortless feedback process that is data rich and easy to manage for Aztech

The Aztech team used to manage their bug reporting and feedback process in Google Sheets. This required their clients to take screenshots when reporting bugs, add them to a row, and manually input any technical details they could remember (browser type, device etc).

This process was largely manual and taxing to manage for Aztech. Their Google Sheet setup lacked the functionality needed to effectively manage the feedback from their various clients.

The Solution: A streamlined, organized feedback process with Tether

Tether allows Aztech to streamline their testing and review process internally and with their clients. With Tether, Aztech is able to provide their clients with a seamless feedback process, create a single source of truth for all bugs and suggestions, and manage all of their client websites.

A seamless client experience

When installed, Tether is present on each page of the Shopify website, making it seamless for Aztech's clients and testers to give feedback directly on the site. No need to shuffle between different apps just to report a bug. Gordon Frayne, co-founder at Aztech notes, "Our clients really enjoyed using Tether. The tool made the whole feedback process really efficient and was easy for them to use."

Gordon Frayne Testimonial Card

Single source of truth

Before using Tether managing feedback in Google Sheets became inefficient and overwhelming. Crucial data would be missing, leaving feedback unclear. Gordon notes "The main problem Tether is solving for us is having a single source of truth and a record of all bugs and suggestions. We can then manage these bugs and suggestions through to completion from the Tether backend dashboard."

Manage multiple projects

Each Tether plan comes with unlimited projects, which means agencies like Aztech can manage all their client projects from a single Tether account. Aztech now uses Tether on every website they build.


Aztech has now used Tether on 10 client projects, reporting over 700 pieces of feedback from their clients and internal team. This amount of feedback would’ve been impossible to handle using their old Google Sheet method, but with Tether it was effortless for Aztech’s clients and easy to manage for the Aztech team. Tether has enabled the Aztech team to completely streamline their feedback process, saving them huge amounts of time and effort. Now that they've used Tether, there is no going back to the Google Sheet way, and they plan to use Tether as their dedicated testing tool on all future client engagements.