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May 17, 2022

Group feedback by page in Tether client
You can now toggle feedback to group by the page it was submitted on from the Tether client! Get to the root of an issue by navigating to the page where the issue was reported. Grouping by page helps reduce duplicate feedback, and makes managing your feedback list easier.
Feedback view with group by page filter applied
Filters, search and group by
You can now filter search and group by page, all in concert. This makes tracking down and managing feedback extremely easy. Filter by assignee to see which tasks you are responsible for. Search by keyword to find feedback you reported in the past. Or group by page to know which pages need the most attention.
Small fixes and improvements
Fixed a bug causing re-capturing media via hotkeys to replace existing media when initiated from within the feedback form

May 5, 2022

Tether 2.0 launch
We've launched a new version of Tether that will take your bug reporting and product feedback to the next level. Check out our blog post for more detail.
Feedback reported in a list on top of a website
You can now add guests to any project! This makes it easy to collaborate on feedback with clients and team members that you want to add on a per project basis. Guests can comment on feedback reported by them. This helps keep all communications about feedback under one roof!
We've added hotkeys to make reporting feedback even easier:
Take a screenshot: ⌘ + ⇧ + S
Start a screen recording: ⌘ + ⇧ + V
hot keys used to take screenshots and capture video
Additional type: Copy change
We've added "Copy change" as a type in addition to "Bug" and "Suggestion". We noticed many teams have been using Tether for marketing websites. This  feedback type will help teams more accurately categorize feedback related to copy.
Send feedback to integrations upon submission
Previously, feedback was either automatically sent to your integrations, or sent after the fact from the Tether dashboard. Now you can choose if you would like  feedback to flow to your integration when reporting.

March 31, 2022

New onboarding
New Tether users will now onboard through a wizard to help them get set up quickly and efficiently.
Small fixes and improvements
Fixed some issues on the Tether dashboard that resulted in media being displayed twice on the recent feedback widget. Fixed a bug causing feedback media and fallback images to be displayed simultaneously in recent feedback widget when the suggestion filter was active.
Smart quote conversion patch
Fixed bug causing script tags with single quotes to be converted to smart quotes in some cases, causing HTML parsing issues

February 28, 2022

Advanced logging
Tether now records browser events, console logs, and network requests while the Tether widget is open. Feedback reported also includes a copy of the page’s HTML which can be viewed and searched. Submit some feedback and check it out!
Tether logging feature
Tether docs are now live! Check out walk-throughs, how-tos and FAQs on some of Tether’s most powerful features like event hooks, conditionals, and integrations.
Check out our docs
Tether documentation image
See feedback assigned or submitted by you
On the dashboard for any project you will now be able to quickly see feedback that has been assigned or submitted by you. Stay up to date with the feedback you’re responsible for, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
Check out your tasks
Tether your assignments image

January 18, 2022

Event Hooks
Tether now supports custom event hooks, letting you control the Tether client's behavior. For example, you can trigger the Tether client to show only when a certain button is clicked, such as "report an issue".
Set event hook
Tether event hooks
Zapier Integration
Tether now integrates with Zapier, enabling you to send your feedback data almost anywhere. Send bugs to Notion, Linear, Shortcut, Clickup and so much more. Customize which data gets passed (example:browser, domain, resolution) from Tether to its final destination.
Build a Zapier integration
Tether plus Zapier equals rocketship
Additional Tether Client Fields
Choose which fields you want to add to your Tether client. Save a few steps by assigning an engineer directly when an issue is reported. Add tags to specific bugs to make them easier to search for on the Tether dashboard. Or set priorities to feedback that needs to be addressed asap.
Customize your client
Customize Tether Client
Gordon Frayne Headshot with Yellow Circle
Gordon Frayne | Co-Founder at Aztech
Switch from Google Sheets to Tether
"Tether helped us streamline our testing and review process. We've used it on 10+ web projects to manage feedback internally and with our clients. It has saved us huge amounts of time, and it is great to have a record of all bugs and suggestions in one place as a single source of truth. I would definitely recommend using Tether if you are a consultancy, agency, or technology company that builds products or software.

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