How efficient teams report bugs and feedback

Tether enables your team to submit feedback and bugs in real-time while using your product.

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The complete solution for product feedback and bug reporting

Tether overlays your web app as a floating button, making it easy to give feedback and report bugs.

Every piece of feedback comes with a screenshot paired with metadata - device, screen resolution, and more.

With our integrations, feedback flows directly from Tether to your project management base seamlessly

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Lightweight Integration

Tether sits on top of your web-app, making it easy for your team to easily submit feedback and bugs. Add your brand colors and logo to make it feel like it has always been there.

get more feedback

Improve Your Product

Whether it be for your internal team, beta testers or production users, Tether will allow you to uncover hidden bugs and get more feedback to improve your product.

Centralized Feedback

All Your Feedback, One Place

All feedback and bugs sent with Tether flow to your dashboard where you can manage, assign, prioritize, and resolve accordingly.

Collaborate With Your Team

Add and assign bugs to relevant team members

Organize and Prioritize

Easily prioritize which fixes need to be made yesterday and which can wait


Integrated with tools you already know and love.

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