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Meet the Tether Client

The new way to report bugs and feedback
Tether Integration Options
Tether Code and Eye-Ball Graphic
Easy setup
Tether is installed via 1 line of code, taking less than 2 minutes to get up and running.
Tether Connection Graphic
Available everywhere
Tether appears on top of your website and works on all major browsers and mobile devices.
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Rich functionality
Utilize Tether's screenshot and screen recording functions to make sure feedback is clear.

don't tell

Screen recording is now a click away. Say hello to the easiest way to report dynamic bugs.

  • Pixel-perfect screenshots
  • Markup tools

technical details

Tether automatically grabs technical details with each piece of feedback submitted. Say goodbye to asking
"What device are you using?".

  • Browser type
  • Operating system
  • Page URLs & more
Tether Technical Browser and Device Details
Tether Technical Browser and Device Details

Manage feedback in one place

View all feedback in one place and collaborate with your team to get more done

Gordon Frayne Headshot with Yellow Circle
Gordon Frayne | Co-Founder
How Aztech delighted clients and streamlined their website testing and review process
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Seamless integrations

Set up integrations with tools that you're already using. Any feedback submitted with Tether will flow directly into your home base.
Tether Integration Options
Tether Users On Globe


Teams across the world use Tether to power their bug reporting and feedback process. Tether's asynchronous bug reporting enables remote teams to get more done.

Don't take our word for it

Duncan Pronk Headshot
Duncan Pronk
Developer at JUST
"Tether makes it really easy for our team to report issues to the dev team. The report includes much of the information that is needed to resolve the issue. Thank you for building Tether."
Profile Icon for Sjoerd den Besten Testimonial
Sjoerd den Besten
Project Manager at JUST
"It was really helpful that Tether integrating with Trello, allowing us to continue to use the workflows we are used to. The submitted screenshots were helpful too."
Gordon Frayne Headshot
Gordon Frayne
Co-Founder at Aztech
"Tether helped us to streamline our testing and review process before deploying Shopify stores for our clients. It has saved us huge amounts of time, and it is great to have a record of all bugs and suggestions in one place as a single source of truth. I would definitely recommend using Tether if you are a consultancy, agency, or technology company that builds products or software.”
Rachael McLean Profile Headshot
Rachael McLean
Director of Product
"Tether is the perfect tool for feedback. Tether is easy to use, intuitive, and was easily used with multiple stakeholders, all with different tech expertise. The ability to integrate Tether into our staging environment was simple. "
Dani Maczynski Headshot
Dani Maczynski
Marketing Director at Velochair
"Tether is a concise and straightforward solution for submitting bug fixes and changes. Being able to integrate Tether into existing workflows helps to keep everything under one roof and make tracking fixes a cinch. "
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Answers to

Frequently asked questions

Who is Tether for?

Tether is built for teams of all sizes. This includes SaaS companies, development agencies, QA agencies and more

How is Tether installed?

Tether is installed via a javascript code snippet. Add one line of code to your project's repository and access Tether on any page.

Who can submit feedback?

Anyone that has access to where Tether is installed. This will usually be on your staging/QA site. Once installed, Tether's floating action button will follow you across each page.

How much does Tether cost?

The cost of Tether scales based on the size of your team. Check out our pricing page for more details!

Does the Tether widget work on mobile?

Yes. The Tether feedback button works on all responsive web-apps.