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How Efficient Teams Report Feedback & Bugs

Tether enables your team to submit bugs and feedback on your product, with seamless integration into your workflow

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Easy Access

Tether overlays your web app as a floating button, allowing your team to report bugs without leaving your app.
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No More Guess Work

Every piece of feedback submitted via Tether comes with technical details about the device and environment
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Centralized Feedback

All bugs will flow to your dashboard, where you can manage, assign, prioritize and resolve with your team

Powerful Integrations

Set up integrations with tools you know and love so that any feedback submitted via Tether can flow directly to your product home base seamlessly.
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Ultimate Clarity

Screen recording is just a click away. Say hello to clearer demonstration of bugs, all while never having to leave your app's staging environment

  • Pixel-Perfect Screenshots
  • Markup Tools
  • Audio (coming soon)
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All the technical details,

Tether automatically grabs technical info when a bug is reported, so you don't have to. Say goodbye to manual data entry.

  • Browser Type
  • Operating System
  • Page Urls & More
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Tether Technical Browser and Device Details
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Insights you weren't aware of

With all your bug data in one place, gain insights into your web-app from the Tether dashboard that may surprise you. Reports are customizable and will help you better understand your apps stability across browsers, devices, pages and more.

Answers to

Frequently asked questions

Who is Tether for?
Tether is built for teams of all sizes. The larger the team the more valuable Tether becomes. This includes SaaS companies, development agencies, QA agencies and more
How is Tether installed?
Tether is installed via a javascript code snippet. Put this one line of code in your projects repository and access Tether on any page.
Who can submit feedback?
Anyone that has access to where you have Tether installed. This is usually on your staging/QA site. Once installed, Tether will be on every single page of your application.
How much does Tether cost?
Tether's costs scale with team size. At this time we are onboarding a limited number of teams per month on custom plans.
Does Tether work on mobile?
Yes! The Tether feedback button works on all responsive web-apps.

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