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How Aztech streamlined their testing and client review process with Tether

"Tether has saved us huge amounts of time, and help keeps projects organized. All bugs and suggestions now live in one place as a single source of truth. "
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Gordon Frayne, Co-Founder, Aztech
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Tether Technical Browser and Device Details
Tether Technical Browser and Device Details

How Double Dutch & JUST reduce time spent reporting and solving bugs by 60% with Tether.

"Tether makes communicating product feedback with our clients easy, and vice versus. They can report issues and suggestions easily on top of the product. We then have all their feedback in one place, with all the data we need to take action."
Duncan Pronk Headshot
Duncan Pronk, Developer, JUST
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"Tether is the perfect tool for feedback across teams. It is intuitive and was easily used with multiple stakeholders, all with different tech expertise. The ability to integrate Tether into our staging environment was simple."

Rachael McLean Profile Headshot
Rachael McLean
Director of Product
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"Tether is a concise and straightforward solution for submitting bug fixes and changes. Being able to integrate Tether into existing wokflows helps to keep everything under one roof and make tracking fixes a cinch."

Dani Maczynski Headshot
Dani Maczynski
Marketing Director at Velochair
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"Tether makes it really easy for our team to report issues to the dev team. And the report includes much of the information that is needed to resolve the issue. Thank you for building Tether"

Duncan Pronk Headshot
Duncan Pronk
Developer at JUST
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