Who's Who?

Double Dutch is a charitable giving platform that allows users to send cards to friends from renowned artists with donations to charities of their choice.

JUST is an independent design and production studio based in the Netherlands.

The Challenge

Double Dutch wanted to build out a second version of their product with their development partner, JUST. Given that the teams spanned multiple continents, reporting product feedback and bugs would need to be a seamless and info-rich process. Due to time zone differences, the teams needed to be able to act asynchronously, "jumping on a quick call" was not going to be efficient.

As a startup, Double Dutch likes to move fast, and thus there would be no time to spare with a back-and-forth on feedback. An asynchronous, data-rich solution was going to be needed to ensure all stakeholders would be able to efficiently and effectively give feedback and report bugs. Enter Tether.

The Solution

Tether was chosen as the solution to help with the bug reporting and feedback process throughout the build. Tether's capabilities and integrations enabled all stakeholders to collaborate effectively without disrupting tried and tested workflows.

Seamless Bug Reporting & Website Feedback

The Tether button being present on every page of the product allowed both teams to report issues and feedback seamlessly, without leaving the web-application.  No more fumbling between apps every time a single bug needed to be reported.

Rachael McLean testimonial

Clear and Organized Feedback

With every piece of feedback submitted Tether automatically grabs technical details about the reporters device and environment, such as the OS, URL, browser and much more. This saves the person reporting bugs & feedback a lot of time, but also ensures that developers can fully understand every issue that is submitted. This feature enabled the developers at JUST to be able to take action when a bug was reported, and not spend time communicating back and forth to get the proper technical information.

Duncan Pronk testimonial

Integrating with Trello

Tether works with your current workflows, not against them. JUST and Double Dutch had used Trello together in the past, and so they were excited to leverage Tether's integration with Trello.

With just a few clicks, Double Dutch had set up the integration so that all feedback submitted via Tether would flow directly to their Trello board and column of choice. No extra steps needed, simply awesome.

Tether and Trello integration

The Results

Tether enabled the project to keep moving smoothly, ensuring all feedback was addressed and is organized. The average time spent testing and reporting bugs dropped by 60%, saving both teams a lot of time. JUST was able to address all feedback without jumping between different communication channels, and not once did they need to ask "what browser are you using?". Mission, complete.