Report feedback directly from your product

Tether is a widget you add to your website that makes it easy for your users, and team to record their session and report feedback

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"Tether is the perfect tool for product feedback. It is intuitive, and was easily used with multiple stakeholders. Integrating Tether into our staging environment was simple."
Rachael McLean Profile Headshot
Rachael McLean
Director of Product
"Tether has saved us huge amounts of time, and it's great to have a record of all feedback in one place. I would definitely recommend Tether if you are an agency, or tech company that builds software.”
Gordon Frayne Headshot
Gordon Frayne
Co-founder, Aztech
We used multiple apps to capture & track bugs. MS paint for screenshots, Loom for explanations, Slack to notify devs, Asana to track progress. Tether replaces all of those tools and makes bug reporting 10x easier.
Samuel Darwin Headshot
Samuel Darwin
CEO, Joy Technologies
Teams iterating quickly thanks to Tether
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A feedback tool designed for teams

Make feedback easy for your team, clients, and users. Production or staging, internally or externally.

In-App Screen Capture

Screen recording is now only 1 click away in your site. Markup options, Loom-style recording, and pixel perfect screenshots will enable your team and users to report crystal clear feedback.

    “We use Tether on our web-app and it has increased the number of bug reports and product suggestions across the company. Tether helps us report bugs efficiently”
    Farrah Younes Profile Icon
    Farrah Younes, Operations Manager, Loop Support (YC W17)
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    Browser and log details

    Data-rich reports,

    Ditch the endless back-and-forth when trying to get to the root of a technical problem. Tether automatically grabs the technical data your developers need, so your team can resolve issues quickly and focus on features.

      "Having the technical metadata associated with bug reports is extremely useful. It helps us pinpoint the exact issue and resolve it quickly."
      Gordon Frayne Headshot
      Gordon Frayne, Co-Founder, Aztech

      Seamless integrations

      Set up integrations with tools that you're already using. Keep your team up to date in Slack, create tasks in Notion automatically, and more.
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      Tether Technical Browser and Device Details

      Organized feedback

      You don't have time to dig through email or Slack threads to keep up with feedback. Tether gives your team a single source of truth for feedback. No matter how much feedback there is to manage, everything stays organized.

      • Install in < 2 minutes. No engineer needed.
      "Being able to integrate Tether into existing workflows helps to keep everything under one roof and make tracking fixes a cinch.”
      Headshot of Dani
      Dani Maczynski, Marketing Director at Velochair

      It's 2022, why do you still report bugs by hand?

      Your team has enough to worry about. Take bug reporting, design QA, and website feedback off the list

      Gordon Frayne Headshot with Yellow Circle
      Gordon Frayne | Co-Founder at Aztech
      Switch from Google Sheets to Tether
      "Tether helped us streamline our testing and review process. We've used it on 10+ web projects to manage feedback internally and with our clients. It has saved us huge amounts of time, and it is great to have a record of all bugs and suggestions in one place as a single source of truth. I would definitely recommend using Tether if you are a consultancy, agency, or technology company that builds products or software.

      A lot of muscle under the hood

      Orange web browser icon

      Works with your tech

      Tether is optimized for every major browser, operating system, and web technology. We've got you covered.
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      Easy setup

      Installing the Tether script tag takes < 2 minutes. Install directly or via Google tag manager, no developer needed.
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      Guest accounts

      Accounts designed to collaborate with clients. Keep them updated without showing them internal feedback.
      Orange bug icon with check mark

      Single source of truth

      Tether organizes feedback so your team doesn't miss anything. Goodbye lengthy slack threads and email chains.
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      Chrome extension

      Get up and running fast without needing to install any JS by using our Chrome extension. Easy peasy.
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      Have a question or need help? We're available via email, chat, and Slack. Average response time is < 2 minutes.
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      Reporting feedback should be easy
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      Don't take our word for it

      Ashwath Narayanan
      Social Currant

      "Tether helps us streamline product feedback, both internally and from our users. Lowering the barrier for our users to report feedback has resulted in more feedback coming in. Which means a better product and happier users for us."

      Gordon Frayne
      Aztech Digital

      "Tether helped us streamline our testing and review process before deploying Shopify stores for our clients. It has saved us huge amounts of time, and it is great to have a record of all bugs and suggestions in one place as a single source of truth. I would definitely recommend using Tether if you are a consultancy, agency, or technology company that builds products or software."

      Christian Chemaly
      Polar Stork

      "We switched from Loom to Tether to make web QA easy for our team and clients at our agency. Tether turned a disjoint, hard to manage process into a seamless experience."

      Michelle Merrill
      Founder and Web Developer
      Merrill Creative Solutions

      "Tether revolutionized my agency's workflow. Even my least reach-savy clients have been able to jump right in and submit change requests and suggestions. Finally, no more strings and strings of emails with screenshots or attempts at telling me where on a page they were seeing an issue or wanted a change."

      Eduarda Moreno Adanez
      Wego Technologies

      "Great widget, even better team. We use Tether to gather customer feedback in a meaningful place where we can easily take action and learn from it. The team is helpful, responsive, and receptive."

      Farrah Younes
      Operations Manager
      Loop Support (YC W17)

      "We use Tether on our web-app and it has definitely increased product suggestions across the company. Being able to take screenshots or capture videos is super helpful to showcase exactly what I mean."

      Rachael McLean
      Director of Product
      Double Dutch

      "Tether is the perfect tool for product feedback. It is intuitive, and was easily used with multiple stakeholders, all with different tech expertise. Integrating Tether into our staging environment was simple."

      Kevin Abou Hanna
      Product Designer
      Polar Stork

      "Tether makes it really easy to pinpoint and report problems in our web projects. It reduces the time when doing any type of QA since all feedback is reported in a smart way on one platform."

      Sam Darwin
      Joy Technologies

      "If you're using multiple apps/software to capture, share and track bugs during your development cycle, then I'd say Tether is a must. It went above and beyond our expectations"

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      Answers to

      Frequently asked questions

      Why do I need to add this to my website or web-app?

      Tether will enable your team to build, faster. You’ll save time by making it easier to report and resolve feedback, whether it be bugs, product enhancements, or copy changes. Feedback will stay organized, and Tether keeps your team aligned with notifications. If you’re struggling to hit development timelines, or want to increase your team’s velocity, making collaboration easier with Tether can help.

      Who is Tether for?

      Tether is built for teams of all sizes. Tether is especially helpful for web agencies and SaaS companies.

      How is Tether installed?

      Tether is installed via a javascript code snippet. Add one line of code to your project's repository and access Tether on any page. Or you can use our Chrome extension if code isn't your thing.

      How much does Tether cost?

      The cost of Tether scales based on the size of your team. Check out our pricing page for more details!

      Does the Tether widget work on mobile?

      Yes. The Tether feedback button works on all responsive web-apps.