Another month has flown by, and we've got some great updates to share.
An AI-powered changelog, an insightful look into the risks of prompt injections, and an exciting new launch👇.

🤖 AI-Powered changelog in beta

Ain’t nobody got time to write a changelog, and now you don’t have to. Our AI-powered changelog tool is launching this month. If you’d like early access drop us a message via live chat.

📣💰How to hijack ChatGPT

If you’re building or using any type of AI application, you'll want to check this out. We took a deep dive on prompt injections so teams and individuals could be aware of how they can be mailicious.

🛠️ Introducing Prompthub: Prompt management made easy

When building our AI-powered changelog, we found that iterating and writing great prompts was difficult. We built a tool to help with this process and are launching our v1 this month. More info below!

See you next month! 👋