This is a brief walkthrough for teams that signed up before 5/5/222 on the process of updating to Tether 2.0. This process takes less than 2 minutes.


Updating to Tether 2.0 is easy! Go to the settings page for any project, click on “Client”, then scroll down to toggle off the legacy UI switch.

Go to the domain that you have Tether installed on and you should now see the new side menu!
You will need to change this setting for each project that you would like to update.

Open the side menu (⇧⌘B), sign in using your Tether credentials and you are all set up! Now you’ll be able to report and collaborate on feedback directly on your site, saving time and making your team more efficient. Don’t forget to add your teammates so they can sign in and access the side menu as well.

Pricing and plans

Since you have been with us from the start we are more than happy to grandfather you in based on your current subscription. We will add on an additional three seats for free! If you find yourself needing more seats, just contact us via Slack or email (

For more info on new features, upgrades, and other updates that come with the launch of Tether 2.0, check out our recent blog post. Feel free to reach out via Slack or email if you have any questions.

We've added some FAQs below to help you out as well.
If you have any question/feedback, reach out to, or join our Slack community.