June ended on a high note, with our biggest feature launch of all time, webcam + audio capture. Check it out below!

Webcam & audio capture

Sometimes explaining a bug or feedback via text is difficult, and no one wants to read or write a wall of text. Which is why we are excited to have launched the ability to add audio and webcam when reporting feedback!

With this feature you can

  • Record picture in picture videos directly from Tether on your website
  • Instantly share with your team, assign team members, and track progress
  • Report rich feedback with just a few clicks on top of your website or application

What users have been loving about picture in picture feedback

Audio + webcam will enable your team to give feedback in a way that is simple, streamlined, and clear. No need to write a wall of text, or jump on a call to discuss an issue. Our goal has always been to make feedback clear and actionable for teams and this is another step in the right direction.

Compile optimizations

We’ve made a handful of changes that have reduced the bundle size of Tether by 83% This means faster load times and a more responsive experience for all of our users.

Video markup

When screen recording or recording picture in picture feedback you can now draw on screen to call certain elements to attention. Drawing disappears after disabling the feature. Enabling you to scroll, draw when needed, and not distort the screen with too many drawings. See this feature in action in the video above!

Client-side notifications

Notifications will be streamed live to you on any project that Tether is installed on. Via websockets, you’ll see notification pushes in real time. You’ll be able to see when you have new notifications and how many, directly from your website. This will enable your team to stay on top of notifications, and move quickly through feedback.

If you have any questions/feedback, reach out to dan@tethered.dev, or join our Slack community.

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See you next month! 👋