Today we’re excited to announce that we were featured in G2’s fall reports as a high performer across multiple categories for bug reporting and feedback software.

To achieve this accomplishment as such a small company means the world to us.

Tether is built around a simple concept: Make feedback easy so you can build better products. We do this by making it easy to collaborate with your team, get feedback from clients, or bug reports from end users.

Wherever your team happens to be along the product development process, Tether can help by making feedback clear, easy, and organized.

While I would be happy to tell you why Tether is featured in this year’s report, I’ll leave it to our customers.

G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from its user community, and data aggregated from online sources and social networks, culminating in quarterly Grid and Index Reports.

Learn more about our amazing customers and how Tether helps them build better products.