March saw major AI developments in both startups and enterprises. We're thrilled to building during this time and to share our latest AI product updates with you.

🤖 Let AI write your changelog

With Tether, we want to streamline feedback reporting for your team and users while keeping them informed as you progress. One of the best ways to keep everyone up to date with your progress is to publish a changelog.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to write a changelog”, well that’s about to change. We’re launching an AI powered changelog that will take way 90% of the work for you.

Our initial version will:

  • Connect to your Github and pull in commit data
  • Group and summarize it for you
  • Let you add the finishing touches

Right now, we have a waitlist for the changelog tool, and we're offering an early bird special. The changelog tool will be rolled into our Tether startup plan ($89/month). If you get the early bird offer (1-payment of $50), you will get first access and 3 months of Tether Pro.

📣💰Resource for early stage founders

Raising money is hard. We just raised our first round at the end of 2022 into 2023. It was a difficult and rewarding process.

In the hope of helping others we put together an article that is focused on being tactical for founders. Its filled with templates, answers to question I wish I had from the start, investor lists and more.

We hope it helps.

🛠️How to build and monetize an idea without a product

We're excited to share our experience building and promoting our AI-powered changelog product. We started off by building an MVP with no-code tools in a few days, then jumped to validating the idea with a pre-launch.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process, we’ve documented it in detail so far and will be updating it as we progress.

See you next month! 👋