We’re continuing 2022 with some major product updates that will make Tether more powerful, and easier to use for teams. Check out the latest below!

Advanced logging

Tether now records browser events, console logs, and network requests while the Tether widget is open. Feedback reported also includes a copy of the page’s HTML which can be viewed and searched. Submit some feedback and check it out!

Why users love this feature:

Our goal at Tether has always been to make sure that issues reported have enough information to be resolved, without any back-and-forth. Advanced logging is another step in this direction. Network logs will alert you of potential issues in the submitter’s network. Console logs will help uncover helpful details and click events will help you get a better understanding of the subitter’s journey.


Tether docs are now live! Check out walk-throughs, how-tos and FAQs on some of Tether’s most powerful features like event hooks, conditional rendering, and integrations.

Keep up with your tasks

See your tasks and submitted feedback at a glance on the dashboard for any project. Stay up to date with the feedback you’re responsible for, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Why users love this feature

Users will now be able to keep up with the feedback assigned or submitted by them with a quick glance directly on the dashboard. No need to do any filtering or searching.

Other Enhancements

  • General performance enhancements on the Tether dashboard. You will experience faster load times, greater responsiveness and increased happiness.
  • Any feedback submitted with Tether now includes a copy of the HTML of the page, which can be viewed and searched.

If you have any questions/feedback, reach out to dan@tethered.dev, or join our Slack community.
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