Is there anything scarier than bugs in your product, driving users away? 🐛
Didn’t think so, witch is why I don’t need to make any Halloween puns....

Keeping it short and sweet this month as we are working on something big for November.

Custom Data Passthrough

We’ve always loved hacking and tinkering with tools. The ability to leverage tools for our use case is part of what makes us love engineering.

Introducing our latest feature, custom data passthrough.

Data passthrough allows you to define variables that will be passed with submitted feedback. This data is present on the Tether dashboard and can be sent to integrations.

For example, if you are getting feedback from end users, you can pass through the user’s subscription plan, role, and more.

You can hard code values, or use interpolation to pass through dynamic values. This works with almost every major framework (React, Vue, Blade etc).

For more info, check out our docs.

Agency Newsletter

We launched our agency newsletter back in the summer and have gotten some great feedback.

It’s been fun helping other agency owners avoid some of the mistakes we made. If you’d like to join sign up here.
5-minute reads, twice a month, easy-to-implement tactics.

Other updates

  • Updated Event Hook Aliases: Wrappers around event hooks that are a bit easier to implement
  • A new callback: onInitiliazed: Allows you to execute code after the tether widget mounts

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See you next month! 👋