Another month rolls on and we’ve got more juicy product updates and news for you.

G2 fall reports

We’re excited to announce that we were featured in G2’s fall reports as a high performer across multiple categories for bug reporting and feedback software!

To achieve this accomplishment as such a small company means the world to us.

Tether is built around a simple concept: Make feedback easy so you can build better products. We do this by making it easy to collaborate with your team, get feedback from clients, or bug reports from end users.

Our favorite review this month comes from Michelle Merrill of Merrill Creative Solutions. Michelle uses Tether to make website feedback with her clients easy.

Okay, back to the product side of things.

Wildcard subdomains

Previously, a project could only point to one domain. This created difficulties for teams that wanted to add Tether to staging environments that had rotating domains. Vercel users, Shopify preview links etc.
Now projects can accommodate subdomains! As long as the script tag is installed, you’re good to go.

End-user widget enhancements

After launching our end user widget on Product Hunt in late August, we’ve gotten lots of great feedback and have made some enhancements.

  • Email field is now optional, users can submit feedback anonymously
  • Markup bar UI is more user-friendly (lighter colors, more obvious confirmation button)
  • After taking a screenshot, the background is blurred more so it is clear where you are editting

Linear integration

Capped off this month by pushing our Linear integration live! You can now send feedback submitted with Tether directly to Linear. You can create a bi-directional sync between the two such that updating the status of a bug in one place automatically updates it in the other.

This integration was highly requested by users and we can’t wait to see how teams use this to keep things more organized and get more done.

How it works

If you were to update the status of feedback in Tether, the status of that ticket in Linear would update automatically. For example, if you were to resolve feedback in Tether, the status of that ticket in Linear would update to “Done”.

The sync works in reverse as well. If you were to mark a task as “done” in Linear, the status in Tether would update to “resolved”.

The mappings are completely customizable.

This bi-directional sync is available on our enterprise plan. If you’d like to get access, just let me know!

That’s it for this month! We have more exciting stuff in the work for next month and we can’t wait to continue to help you build better products.

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See you next month! 👋