We're starting off 2022 strong with tons of new features that will streamline your bug reporting and product feedback process. Check out the latest below!

Chrome extension (Beta)

We just launched the beta for our Chrome extension 🎉.
The Tether Chrome extension allows your team to report issues and feedback on your projects, without having to install the Tether js snippet (no sign-in needed either)! This means you can start report feedback without needing your developer needing to install any code 🤯 .

Reach out to dan@tethered.dev if you’re interested in using the Chrome extension for your team.

Why users love this feature:

  • Report feedback without needing to install any code
  • No sign-in required

Automation made easy

With our Zapier integration, you're able to send your data more places than ever before. You can customize which data gets passed to Notion, ClickUp, Linear, or wherever you choose. For more info on how to set this up, check out our documentation, and feel free to let us know if you need any support

Why users love this feature

With our Zapier integration you are in full control to send your bug and feedback data wherever you like. This enables teams to let Tether fit seamlessly into the workflows they are used to, with tools they are familiar with. For more info on how to set up your zaps, feel free to reach out in our Slack community or check out our documentation.

Customizable form fields

You can now edit Tether's feedback form to include tags, assignees, and priorities.

Why users love this feature

Custom form fields lets you determine what data you want when your team submits feedback. Additionally, having these fields in the form saves multiple steps by allowing all the necessary data to be passed when the feedback is initially submitted. You may end up having too much free time after starting to use custom fields. If that is the case, I heard pickleball has become quite popular.

Event Hooks

We saved the best for last. We shipped event hooks which gives you greater control over the Tether widget. For example, you can control when the Tether widget appears with the tether.show event hook. For more info, feel free to reach out in our Slack community or check out our documentation.

Why users love this feature

Event hooks allow you to customize how Tether works for your team. You can enable the widget only to appear when a certain button is clicked, or when an underlying event occurs in your app. For more details on this feature, feel free to check out our docs or reach out to us for support.

Other enhancements

  • Social sign in via Google and Github
  • Team invitations can be canceled
  • Notification preferences for any project

If you have any questions/feedback, reach out to dan@tethered.dev, or join our Slack community.
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See you next month! 👋