🎃 Pumpkin Spice is in and summer is on its way out.

August featured a bunch of new updates, a new product launch, and a whole bunch more.
The headline being our new end-user-facing widget and free-tier. Let’s jump in!

End user widget

Late this month, we launched our end-user feedback widget. This allows you to add a simple widget to your site to enable your users to report bugs and suggestions. Our screen recording tools make it easy for your users to report clear feedback.

Feedback comes with all the context that our current users love, like session history, device type, and much more.

With the widget you can

  • Enable end-users to report bugs & feedback directly from your product
  • Adjust the branding to make it feel like an extension of your product
  • Control how and when the widget appears
  • Sync your tools via our integrations

Give it a try, it is on the right side of your screen!

Link to a 60 second video of me demoing the new functionality.

What users have been loving about the end user widget

  • Easy to get set up: less than 3 minutes to get up and running
  • Easy to use: Users can submit feedback with screen recordings in just a few clicks
  • Seamless UX: The ability to adjust what the widget looks like and when it appears makes it feel like an extension of your product

The biggest reason why users love this new widget is that it enables them to make their users happier.

Want to turn frustrated users into delighted customers? Get started with the Tether end-user widget here.

Free tier

In conjunction with our external widget, we launched a free tier of Tether. This free tier enables small companies to get the benefit of the end-user widget for no cost.

Why did we do this?

We view ourselves as a feedback company. We know how valuable user feedback is when building products, especially for early-stage companies. We wanted to give startups and small companies access to our feedback technology to help them build better products. Being a startup ourselves, we have a soft spot for other companies wandering through the product-market fit desert.

Sync  statuses between Tether and Jira

Jira bi-directional sync

One of our main value props with Tether is the ability to keep feedback organized and centralized. One common request we have gotten has been to keep feedback statuses synced across integrations, specifically Jira.

Which is why we are so excited to be launching our bi-directional sync with Jira!

How it works

If you were to update the status of feedback in Tether, the status of that ticket in Jira would update automatically. For example, if you were to resolve feedback in Tether, the status of that ticket in Jira would update to “Done”.

The sync works in reverse as well. If you were to mark a task as “done” in Jira, the status in Tether would update to “resolved”.

The mappings are completely customizable.

This feature is available on our enterprise plan. If you’d like to get access, just let me know!

That’s it for this month! We have more exciting stuff in the work for next month and we can’t wait to continue to help you build better products.

👉 Wanna join the movement? Sign up for a two-week free trial here!

See you next month! 👋