The summer just keeps rolling on, and so do our product updates!
For anyone based in SF, the Tether team will be coming out there for the month of August.
If you want to meet up, say hi, talk about bug reporting, etc, let us know!

Okay now for this month's updates!


One of the unique features of Tether is our guest accounts. Guest accounts enable you to allow third-party stakeholders to report and collaborate on feedback. Clients, external testers etc.

We’ve added granular permissions to guests. This will enable you to set which feedback a guest can see.

Guest permission levels

The three options are:

  • Owned Feedback: They can only see their own feedback
  • Guests Only: Guests can view feedback submitted by themselves and other guests
  • All Feedback: Guests can view all feedback submitted by guests and team members

A few extra notes about guests

  • They can be added on a per project basis (different guests for different projects)
  • They can only see feedback in the Tether client (no dashboard access)
  • They can’t see any project info other than the project they are added to

Mobile Enhancements

We’ve always found it important that Tether works wherever you do. That is why Tether is accessible across all available browsers and devices. This month we shipped some new features and enhancements that will increase usability across mobile devices, specifically iPhones.

Agency Newsletter

This past month we launched our agency newsletter. Tether originated when we ran into a problem while running our previous agency.

So we decided to launch a newsletter to help other agency owners along their journey. Twice a month we share lessons, tactics, and missteps we learned from running our digital agency. Interested? Check it out here.

👉 Wanna join the movement? Sign up for a two-week free trial here!

See you next month! 👋