Github integration

Manually adding bugs to Github issues is so 2022. Automatically forward feedback from Tether to Github issues with no extra work. Make reporting issues simple for your users, and managing them easy for your team.

See it in action here.

User profiles

View a historical record of all feedback related to any user by clicking on their name/email address from any feedback.

Big Updates To Come⏰

We are in the early stages of building new features to make it easier for you to:

  1. Get more, valuable, feedback from your users
  2. Consolidate feedback and incorporate it into future product decisions
  3. Effortlessly update users and close the loop when feedback is resolved

We are still early in this process and are currently talking with users to refine the solution. If you have 15 minutes and want to chat about user feedback, feel to grab some time in my calendar. For a sneak of what is to come, check out a new landing page we spun up.