What a month! March has been challenging, exciting, and most importantly, extremely productive. As many of our current users already know, we have been working on a large update that will bring collaboration amongst product teams to the next level. Want to take a sneak peak? Check out a demo here.

User Onboarding

New Tether users will now onboard through a wizard to help them get set up quickly and efficiently. This will enable new teams to get up and running even faster with Tether.

Tether Onboarding

Tether 2.0

We’ve been hard at work at a new version of Tether that will enable teams building websites and applications to work even more efficiently, and collaborate seamlessly.

Our goal at Tether has always been to make collaboration seamless for teams building web-applications & websites, and Tether 2.0 is another step in that direction. If you want a sneak peak, feel free to check out this demo. You can also join our waitlist from this page, or book some time with us to get a personalized demo.

Other enhancements

  • Fixed an issue on the Tether dashboard that resulted in media being displayed twice on the recent feedback widget.
  • Fixed a bug causing feedback media and fallback images to be displayed simultaneously in recent feedback widget when the suggestion filter was active.
  • Smart quote conversion patch: Fixed bug causing script tags with single quotes to be converted to smart quotes in some cases, causing HTML parsing issues

Keeping it brief this month in preparation for what is to come!

If you have any questions/feedback, reach out to dan@tethered.dev, or join our Slack community.
👉 Wanna join the movement? Sign up for a two week free trial here!

See you next month! 👋